Discover the Asturias, Costa Verde

The Costa Verde is the name given to the 350 kilometres of coastline in the province of Asturias, on the Cantabrian Sea .

The Costa Verde is said to be one of the most unspoiled coastlines in Spain.

The Costa Verde means Green Coast and the name comes from the surrounding green fields, which add so much beauty to the landscape for most of the year.

The coastline is dotted with small coves and sandy beaches and provides some rugged beautiful scenery, creating a perfect setting to explore and enjoy this largely undiscovered coastline.

The Costa Verde is a popular destination with surfers, windsurfers and walkers.

The wildlife is as varied as the landscape and is home to brown bears, wolves as well as birds of prey including golden eagles.  The landscape also offers the opportunity to search for dinosaur foot prints left behind from the Jurassic age.

The local gastronomy consists of good traditional hearty wholesome food, such as bean and sausage stews.