Discover the Albacete

Albacete is one of the largest towns in the Castilla La Mancha region.

The town was only founded in the last century and at that time was colonised by people from across Spain, making it more internally multi-cultural than many small inland Spanish towns and villages.

It has a population of about 2,000 and is well located for the airport as well as Albacete City with it’s wide range of shops, bars and restaurants.

It is ideal for people looking for a quiet and traditional Spanish place to live while still being within easy distance of a major city and airport.

Castilla la Mancha is an inland region of southern Spain and it’s major towns and cities include Albacete, Ciudad Real and Cuenca.

The capital is Toledo, one of the countries largest municipalities which is packed with history.

The area is green and fertile compared to the coastal parts of southern Spain and has a large agricultural and wine growing sector.

It still enjoys a Mediterranean style climate and can become very warm in the summer, while in the winter the nights in particular can be chilly.

Many regard Castilla as one of the most attractive regions of Spain, a contrast to the arid landscapes of much of the south. It has a vast array of bird and animal life with seven natural parks and two national parks.