Just how expensive is living on the Costa Blanca?

Just how expensive is living on the Costa Blanca?

Just how expensive is living on the Costa Blanca?

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What is the cost of living on the Costa Blanca?  

Often we get asked how much money is required to live on the Costa Blanca. Your lifestyle determines the response. If you have costly tastes, you may struggle to live on €3,000 a month, while others can live comfortably on the UK state pension of £179.60 a week.

However, you will find it easier to support your lifestyle in Spain than in the UK, whether it is high-maintenance or low-maintenance. Rent is less expensive. Property is less expensive – even Madrid is less expensive than London. For example, a city centre apartment in Madrid costs €5,026.27 per square metre, compared to €13,151.97 in London, despite the fact that London's average salary is 123.19 percent more than Madrid's - €3,689.81 in London and €1,653.22 in Madrid.

Move to Jávea and save money, plus it rarely rains.
If you go to the popular Costa Blanca beach resort of Jávea, you can expect to pay roughly €500 per month for a one-bedroom apartment. This number includes the IBI tax, but in the UK, tenants pay the equivalent council tax. If you live in a complex with shared amenities like a pool, gardens, gym, or tennis courts, the owner also pays any community or urbanisation fees. Plus, your water, power, and garbage rates will be lower. Basic facilities for an 85m2 apartment in Manchester will set you back €188.83 per month, whereas the Costa Blanca would set you back roughly €105.

According to Numbeo.com, the cost of living in Alicante city is as follows:

A family of four will spend €2,070.50 per month without rent;

A single person will spend €584.34 per month without rent.

If you are self-employed, though, you will require an additional €300 for social security and your accountant's costs. You'll also want to set aside some money for going out on occasion.

Many ordinary products, such as food and drink, will be cheaper on the Costa Blanca, but internet and freelancing taxes, as well as social security contributions, will almost certainly be higher.

Comparing costs between Alicante and the UK

We examined the prices of food and entertainment in Alicante and Manchester. This city was chosen since it is less expensive than London. Moving to Alicante will still save you money.

Consider the following:

A lunch in a budget Manchester restaurant will set you back €17.50, compared to €12 on the Costa Blanca. In Spain, choose a three-course menu del dia to save even more money while enjoying a dinner that often includes a drink.

In Manchester, a McDonald's McMeal costs €7.03, but on the Costa Blanca, it costs €7.60.

In Manchester, a pint of local beer costs €4.69, whereas it costs €2.90 here. In the UK, a mid-range bottle of wine costs €8.20, while here, it costs €3.40.

In Manchester, a cappuccino costs €3.31, but on the Costa Blanca, it costs €1.75.

In the UK, a litre of milk costs €1.10, while it costs €0.80 here.

In the UK, 1kg of white rice costs €1.92, while it costs €0.96 here. 1kg of tomatoes costs €2.10 in the UK and €1.53 on the Costa Blanca, and you can get a wide range of tomatoes, including those that are grown locally.

A kilogram of oranges costs €2.37 in the United Kingdom and €1.22 here. If you travel to Jalón, you can buy a large bag of oranges from locals in the parking lot across from Bodegas Xaló for a few euros.

There's no need to pay for a TV license in Spain, so you'll save another €186 (£159 for a UK colour TV license).

Cost of cars in Spain

Purchasing a used car in Spain is often more expensive than in the United Kingdom. Cars have a higher resale value than other types of assets. A Fiat Panda 1.2 Pop 2015, for example, costs €5,995 in Spain (MiaCars has one for sale) and €5,019 in the UK. However, insurance costs an average of €638 in the UK, compared to €220 in Spain for a Fiat. Also, in Spain, the car, not the driver, is insured.

How does Spain compare to the UK and other North European countries?

Let's compare Alicante to other of the northern European cities where many of our customers originate. These statistics are based on the assumption that you will be renting in both cities. To maintain the same quality of life, you'd have to earn approximately €2,600 in Alicante and;

€4,900 in Amsterdam,

€4,800 in London,

€4,602 in Munich,

€3,994 in Brussels,

€3,978 in Bristol,

€3,744 in Manchester,

€3,727 in Belfast,

€3,659 in Dusseldorf,

€3,393 in Cardiff, and

€3,392 in Glasgow.

These numbers from Numbeo.com are for net incomes and were generated using their Cost of Living Plus Rent Index to compare cost of living. They illustrate that in the Alicante region, which includes the Costa Blanca, you may have a similar standard of living to that of many northern European towns for a lot less money.

More good news is that many people can now work remotely and, as a result, can continue to work for North European countries or the United States while residing in Spain. Take a look at our remote working blog.

We recommend shopping for groceries at your local indoor and outdoor markets to save even more money. You can buy as little or as much as you need of fresh, local produce. Supermarkets offer excellent value as well.

You can buy imported British food, but switching to Spanish brands and finding alternatives to convenience meals will save you money. Nonetheless, excellent pizzas can be found in all supermarkets, as well as delicious lasagne in Mercadona and exquisite chicken nuggets and pulled pork in Lidl. Lidl also carries a good selection of German sausages.

Also, don't just consider the financial benefits of relocating to the Costa Blanca. People come here to enjoy 320 days of sunlight every year, a higher quality of life, delicious food, fiestas, and boundless stretches of sandy beach - all of which are priceless!

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