Discover Elda, in Spain´s Valencian Community

Discover Elda, in Spain´s Valencian Community

Discover Elda, in Spain´s Valencian Community

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Elda is one of the largest towns in the Valencian Community with a population of around 50,000. It is an inland town in the Alicante province and sits on the edge of Serra del Maigmo Natural Park so you are not far away from some beautiful countryside. Elda itself is on the banks of the Vinalopo River and is for all intents and purposes merged with Petrel, which itself has about 40,000 people living there.

The castle is a major tourist attraction as well as the medieval Santa Ana church and the Roman site at Monastil plus several excellent museums. As you would expect in a town of this size, there is a busy programme of fiestas over the year.

There are many good places to eat, especially if you like authentic Spanish cuisine. Locally this includes stews, vegetables, rice dishes and beans with meat tending to take precedence over fish. Alicante City, the airport and the coast are all only about a half hour drive away, despite Elda’s seeming remoteness. As with most large inland towns it has an excellent infrastructure.

Property for sale in Elda starts at around €44,000 for a two bedroom apartment.

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