Being a remote worker on the Costa Blanca - Part 2

Being a remote worker on the Costa Blanca - Part 2

Being a remote worker on the Costa Blanca - Part 2

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Being a remote worker on the Costa Blanca - Part 2

How to become a digital nomad 

Basically, you can become a digital nomad if you work online, if you do not need to be in a particular place in order to work.

You could sell products and services running an e-commerce business. Teach English online. Be a writer, copywriter, blogger, or social media manager. Be a web or app developer, or graphic designer, Offer coaching or consulting services online.

“Any self-employed person in England can run their business from abroad.”

Nik Gerrard is a UK financial advisor and landlord of several properties in England. He is also well-known for the popular pages he runs on Facebook including Viva La Benidorm and Viva la Javea y Denia as well as his charity work. 

After having holiday homes in Torrevieja and Dénia for several years, he and his wife Sue decided to move permanently to Dénia 11 years ago.

Now they run both businesses from their Dénia villa. “As long as you have internet it doesn’t matter where you are,” said Nik. 

“We have known our clients 30 years and our new clients are their sons, daughters and partners. If someone needs a mortgage or advice, our clients say ‘you have to phone Nick or Sue`.

Nik believes his business has benefited from being operated remotely.

“If you are running a business from Spain you are a lot more accessible than someone sat in an office 9-5.

“Someone can text me at 10 o’clock at night and the chances are I will reply. They won’t get that from a person working in an office.”

Nik does feel it is easier if you already have a business up-and-running rather than starting from scratch as a remote worker in Spain.

“If people come up with an idea of distributing dartboards throughout Europe, then they can do it as easily from here as from their bedroom in England.

“You just need initiative.

“Any self-employed person in England can run their business from abroad. If people wanted to move here and promote a business in England, they don’t have a barrier.

“Twenty years ago, this wouldn’t have been possible. If you have internet and a phone, you can work from anywhere in the world.”

For anyone wishing to work remotely in Spain, Nik would advise them to rent a property through a registered agent. Do not be tempted to put a deposit on a property you see online - it might not exist.

Do you need a visa to be a digital nomad in Spain?

Laura Miralles Server, Lawyer and Tax Advisor at Impley International Tax & Law, said: “People who come to Spain as a digital nomad need to get a NIE number. The NIE is only a registration number to get a SIM card or a subscription in the public swimming pool. It does not mean they are resident in Spain. 

“People from Europe can come to Spain without any restriction because under the Schengen agreement there is freedom of movement within the EU. 

“People from outside the EU need to get a non-lucrative visa to come to Spain. The Visa is non-lucrative because the work that they do is done remotely to their own country. 

“However, if the digital nomad decides to stay in Spain more than six months, he will be a tax resident in Spain and will need to register with the Spanish authorities. Europeans would need to register as an autonomo, and non-Europeans would need to change the non-lucrative visa to the working visa and register as an autonomo.”

Click this link if you are thinking of becoming a digital nomad or buying a property in Javea.

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