Dog Friendly Beaches in Spain 2020

Dog Friendly Beaches in Spain 2020

Dog Friendly Beaches in Spain 2020

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Great news, has updated its list of dog friendly beaches in Spain for 2020.

To find out which beaches are in your area, use the interactive map they created below.

Click on a beach, which will display a link that will redirect you to a page with more information including local beach rules, such as these rules for Alboraya Dog Beach,

Alboraya Dog Beach Rules
1.  Keep your pet under control.
2.  Do not disturb other beach users.
3.  Collect the droppings.
4.  Have the dog censused, with microchip, and bring the vaccine card up to date.
5.  If the dog is included in the list of breeds of potentially dangerous dogs,it must be tied and muzzled.

Alboraya Dog Beach Services
Currently the canine beach of Alboraya only has bins in the high season,although from the town hall they claim that in the future they will provide it with a walkway and wooden structures that allow users to tie the dogs


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