Gill and Perez ABOGADOS

We are a law firm made up of professionals specialising in a wide range of areas of law who always work with the aim of achieving excellence in the practice of our profession.

Our services

We offer our clients comprehensive and specialised legal advice, backed by years of practice and based on professionalism and a direct relationship with our clients.

Dismissals, salary claims, modification of working conditions, leave of absence, reductions in working hours due to legal guardianship or care of family members, incapacity for work, challenges to registration, determination of contingencies such as accidents at work, prevention of occupational hazards...

Study and drafting of private contracts, preparation of all types of notarial deeds, tenant evictions, rent claims, claims for unpaid debts, claims or defence in traffic accidents and insurance, negligence, bank claims, foreclosures, etc.

Fines, formulation of administrative appeals, liability of the public administrations liability of public administrations, processing and defence of sanctioning procedures initiated by different administrations.

Incorporation, transfer and dissolution of commercial companies, formalisation of commercial contracts, insolvency proceedings...

Assistance to detainees, complaints and lawsuits, trials for minor offences, abbreviated procedures such as drink-driving, injuries, theft, etc.

Divorces, regulatory agreements, modification of measures, non-payment of pensions, liquidation of community property, inheritance, wills and testaments.

Fluid and direct communication
We know that legal proceedings can take a long time ( even seemingly endless), which is why we always try to resolve the matter out of court, only resorting to legal proceedings when there is no other option.

We stand out for our fluid and direct communication, arranging numerous appointments with the client so that, both extrajudicially and judicially, they know the status of their proceedings at all times.

Our aim is to provide the best possible advice, resolving the problem as quickly and diligently as possible.

Our Philosophy
We believe that each case is different and requires different legal actions and strategies, which is why we dedicate personalised and unique attention to each case. We are passionate about our work, we like to know each client's story from beginning to end in order to empathise with the cause and to know what would be an appropriate solution to their problem.
We know that the area of law can be complex and incomprehensible on many occasions, so we strive to make the client understand the law in a clear and understandable way, always trying to provide a quick and effective response to the problem they are facing. Our aim is to bring justice closer to the citizen in an understandable, easy and transparent way, applying the latest jurisprudential trends.



Areas Covered

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